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I am a mom of three and very familiar with the feeling that my kids are growing up too fast and I want to enjoy every minute! Let’s face it Birthdays are one of those moments that we try to make perfect for our children. But birthdays also bring that familiar stress that we all know to well! Do you ever feel the overwhelming need to make a birthday perfect, but sometimes are at a loss of ideas and what to do? Or all of the sudden you forgot that the party is this Saturday and cleaning the house is probably the most that you will accomplish. So you’ve decided you are just going to pick up a pack of hotdogs, see what the local bakery has on its shelf for a cake. Then the big day happens, guests start to show and you are hectically running around the whole time. The hour and half goes by, people are leaving, and now there is a mess in your home. There seems to be evidence that a birthday party happened, but you’re not sure, because you can’t remember a single moment of it. Roll in the exhaustion. Sound familiar?

The most IMPORTANT times in our lives, are the moments you spend with your child. If you are stressed and running about trying to make details perfect, you lose the most valuable thing, which is enjoying that special moment with your child. Unfortunately, the one you can never get back.

Let me put your mind at ease! From my first birthday as a planner over 20+ years ago and the experience of being a fellow mom, I can set you up for success and make sure every detail is in place. I can give your child the magical birthday they have always dreamed of! No more stress, just success! I’ll make your child’s moment special and one that you will always remember!


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