Quarantine Activities For Littles

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Home Activities During Quarantine

Hello Happy Quarantine day 994… Alright not really, but some days it does feel that way!

Looking for a way to break up the monotony of each day? Working from home and have your kids doing remote learning also in the same space? 

About Me:

ME TOO!!! As a mom of THREE! Yep I said THREE,all different ages I have to be on my toes with remote learning, running my event business (yes still up and running with VIRTUAL EVENTS!!! Grab my free book, by filling out the pop up box on this page to get your FREE COPY of ‘How to take your events virtual!’) and activities to keep their hands and heads busy!

So I decided to share some tips and tricks that work for me during quarantine and working and staying at home.

FREE Home Activities

Each week on Thursdays at 12pm I come live on my Facebook and Instagram account to bring FREE HOME ACTIVITIES for you and your littles!!

So this is a tutorial that I shared last week on ‘Home Activities’. We made a Brown Paper Bag Book! 

A couple of things I should note here:

  1. All of these items I found in my home, I DIDN’T BUY A SINGLE THING
  2. On my LIVE Video I show you other items you can use if you  do not have what I am using
  3. You can get creative with items you have in your home
  4. All these activities can be made for each age level
  5. I have an older middle school daughter who likes to help prepare these crafts for my younger children, which keeps her busy. If you do not have an older child you can prep this bad boy the night before in 10 minutes TOPS!! And the littles can add the background pages with glue or just coloring the brown paper bags

ALRIGHT let’s get to it!


  1. Gather your supplies. See my Picture below for the items I used. If you do not have a brown paper bag, you can use a magazine, manilla file folders or envelopes
My Supplies, But you can use whatever is in your home!

2. Flatten your paper bag by folding it back in its original folded shape. My Paper bag has had lots of love, and that is OK! Great way to repurpose things at home! Plus we are going to cover it…. So IT IS ALL GOOD!!

Brown Paper Bag
Flattened in original folds

3. Flip your paper bag over, fold it in half LONG ways. Then cut down the new crease.

4. Now that you have 2 long pieces. Flip your pieces back over and fold the original top open part of the bag over and glue those pieces down.

Flip over cut piece, fold open ends down, glue

5. Now that you have 2 long pieces. Flip your pieces back over and fold the original top open part of the bag over and glue those pieces down.

6. Bring out the hole punch! Now we are getting somewhere. Punch two holes on each half

Punch 2 holes in each folded half

7. Cut your ribbon, string, material, whatever you want to use for the binding of the book. Now stack both folded pieces of the bag together and thread your ribbon through the holes.

8. Once the ribbon is all the way through, pull both end pieces tight and tie them together. You can knot it or make a bow.

Pull tight and tie or knot

9. NOW THE FUN PART!!! (Unless all the steps before have made you jump out of your seat… please repeat all the steps above as many times as you want!!) Have your child color the pages or draw on the brown paper bag. You can also add colored paper to the top of each page in the book like I have done here. Here, I used a glue gun, but a child could easily use a glue stick or white glue to glue on the pages.

Time to decorate!

I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU CREATED!!!! Send me your pictures or post them and tag my page – FB, Insta, Pinterest Handle :  @premiereventsbymelissa 

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