Beautiful Event, No Attendees?

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So you just spent tons of money on planning and prepping for your event, but your audience turnout isn’t what you hoped? 

The biggest misconception in event planning is that everyone knows about your event. The thing is, YOU know about your event because YOU are spending every minute thinking about said event. Your emails are filled with vendor and venue to-dos and communication about the event. You are meeting every week thinking about all the details. But your audience doesn’t KNOW!

I hear this a lot, “I sent out 4 emails, talked about it at a couple of meetings and posted twice on social media? I don’t want to offend anyone by sending too much out about our event”

“So how often do you market my event?” you ask

OFTEN, so much so that you feel like you are over marketing and reach EVERYWHERE

Break Through the Noise Event Marketing Strategies


There was an old marketing rule called, ‘The rule of 7’. Back in 1930s,  people were seeing about 500 ads a day. There was a practice developed and tested that it took 7 times to be seen by your target audience before they would buy into what you are selling. Fast forward to 2012 and people were seeing 5,000 ads a day. Today people are inundated with over 10,000 ads! Including: emails, billboards, mail advertisement, door hangers, radio commercials, tv ads, and let’s not forget social media. Social media businesses are targeting audiences, people are advertising on their own social channels and on and on.

So my suggestion to you, is to BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE. How often do you read EVERY EMAIL that is sent out? How many times do you see a social media post almost a week later? How many mailers do you get in the mail that you throw away? What makes you different? What makes your event stand out? How are you grabbing their attention?

So what the heck do you do???? GET LOUD and GET LOUD OFTEN

Here are our TOP 5 suggestions for you to take into your next event:

 👉FIRST:   LOOK AT THE DATA. Successful events are driven by data. Who is your target audience? Where are they buying tickets to your event?  What marketing channels are bringing in ticket sales? Where have you marketed your event? Why did you market there? Who is marketing for your event? What influencers do you have that promote the event? 

People need to see this event invite in multiple ways. People buy into stories and STORY LINES. What is the story of your event that is making people want to be there? What are they missing out on if they don’t come?

 👉SECONDSPEND AS MUCH TIME advertising as you are planning the details of the event. FIND THE TIME or FIND A PARTNER that can focus on this critical piece of your event attendance. (Click here to see why an event planner is worth the investment

👉 THIRDDON’T ASSUME your audience knows about the event. We all know what assumptions do! They make an Ass…. well you know the saying

👉 FOURTHGET LOUD and do something that STANDS OUT. Create an exciting buzz around the event that people will feel like they will miss out if they don’t see it. 

👉 FIFTH: Remember your WHY of the event and your organization’s MISSION. Is your organization worth people giving to? YES! Then BE BOLD and don’t worry if you are offending people with two many emails or advertising. 

Wishing you all the best will your event planning and marketing!

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