An Event Planner and Mythical Creatures

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Oh No You Didn’t

Yes I’ll hire a event planner! Oh also, if you could  go ahead and throw in the unicorn too, that would be just peachy.

It’s just a party.‘ you said. Me: spits outs coffee, calmly walks outside, screams at top of lungs, preparing the ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T’ speech, walks back inside. But then, realization, you never have had that perfect magical moment at a party. 

Your like, ‘Listen lady, at my age there’s not much magic. Just work, bills, kids, cleaning, hustling; rinse and repeat.’

To you I say, ‘I’m sorry’.  I’m sorry that society has told you that once you grow up you are no longer allowed to experience life and have that perfect moment.  The one where, you close your eyes, take a snap shot and your breathing stills. Everything else that your worried about melts away just for a few minutes,  you absorb the light, the sounds, the feeling  and now it’s forever engraved in your memory. Yes, That moment. I’m sorry you were told you could never have that.

But let me tell you, that’s wrong. And you can enjoy every moment in life. No matter how old you are.

Why Event Planner?

So now your saying, ‘Ok! I’m interested, but still, Why an event planner?’ My reaction, please see italicized paragraph above.

Ok, just kidding, I understand that because you have never experienced that magical moment at a party, you might want some reasons why an event planner is a great decision.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should hire an event planner :

#1 Time Saver

You would not believe how much time you will be getting back. Depending on your event size you are looking at hours and hours of planning and details. Let’s face it, we never have enough time. In a world that everything is so fast paced, wouldn’t it be nice to slow things down and be able to own your own time? When you choose an Event Planner you are giving yourself the gift of time.

#2 Stress Free

Who needs more stress in their life? I’m pretty sure life does a great job of handing out doses of that all on its own. But when you are planning the party yourself you are now adding hours of time. Working with thousands of details that need to take a priority to get you to what you want to produce. Hiring an event planner makes them do all the tiny headache details that makes less stress and more time to be present spending time with the ones that you love.

#3 Budget Friendly

Ok I know now your spitting out your coffee. But it truly can be budget friendly. Most people think they can save a buck by doing it themselves. But once you get closer and closer to the deadline, budgets go out the window and you look back and wonder how you spent the extra. Event Planners can stick within your budget. They have connections, deals with vendors and know where to buy things to make what you what to create.

#4 Your Ideas

Just because you are hiring an event planner doesn’t mean that you are cut out from the process of what you want or your ideas. A great event planner listens to you, pays attention to the details and creates your ideas. You create the idea, then you have a dedicated professional do all the work. Worth every penny spent!

#5 A Gift To You

You deserve to have special moments in your life. Hiring an event planner is an investment, but you deserve to invest in yourself. How many times can you say you gave yourself the gift of time, money, less stress, less work, a beautiful memory, more time with the ones you love and an opportunity to do something for yourself?

With all these listed things above, it sure makes an event planner look less mythical and more attainable. But the choice is always yours.

If you are interested in pursuing your perfect party, and would like to know how to get started, schedule your FREE 15 min consultation with me. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know what you are looking for and you to know how to take the next steps. Worst case, you decide it’s not for you and then you are out, what, a total of $0? Come on? what do you have to loose?

Take a leap, you might find that you are pleasantly surprised.


Living life and enjoying every moment,


                 Melissa Estepp

                 CEO and Founder

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