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Invest in yourself. This is sometimes a foreign concept. When it comes to important moments, like events that you only get one shot at, this idea is usually the last thing we think about.

When you think of an investment we usually think about stocks, bank accounts, businesses, and maybe a few of us believe we need to do that more with our families or the people we love. But when it comes to us, FORGET IT! Sounds nice, but who has time for that?

I recently decided to take an entire year an invest in myself. Sounds crazy right? But you guys… it seriously has been the most amazing experience. So you are asking, ‘Why did you decide to now, of all times, to invest in yourself?’

But Why?

Well, I have spent my whole life trying to be the square peg that fits into the circle hole. Running around pleasing everyone, being something for everyone. Mom, wife, sister, mom again, coach, spelling tutor, friend, mentor, entertainer, homework supporter (because let’s be honest, 5th grade math, what??) emotional supporter, business  partner, administrator, cheer leader, volunteer, mom times 3, and a door mat for pretty much everyone. Somewhere in the middle of all that I lost myself. And I HATED my life and what I was doing.

How can you expect to pour yourself out time and time again to those around you, with out taking time for yourself to fill up again? What?! Light Bulb just flashed on, right? Sometime its the simplest principles that are the hardest to implement, especially when it comes to, well, us.

I spent the first 6 months of this year learning about myself. Standing up and saying no when I needed to and yes when it was right. I have invested in a life coach (who is freakin awesome, more on that later), quitting a job that didn’t suit me anymore, jumping head on into my dreams, finding real meaningful connections, pursuing the things I love and saying goodbye to things I don’t. Above-all , I’m learning to enjoy each moment in life with my family and closest friends. Not all of it has been rainbows and roses, not gonna lie. But today looking over just a couple of months, I can honestly say I feel freer, happier and I LOVE MY LIFE!

What Do You Want?

Like in the movie ‘Run-a-way Bride’, (love this movie), Maggie Carpenter played by Julia Roberts, (who I also love) where was I?… Anyways, Maggie faces a marriage event a couple of times in the movie. Every-time Maggie gets near the alter, she runs. Hence the name:) It came down to her trying to be someone that she wasn’t for each guy and she didn’t know who she was. Not even what type of eggs she liked. When she took time to invest in herself, saying no to everything and everyone else for a bit, she was able to focus on herself.

Focus on YOU

All that to say, investing in yourself will look different in each situation. Whether taking more time for yourself, learning what you love, finally standing up for yourself, or having someone let you be in the moment so you don’t have to worry about the details, (see how I worked that in?). Yes, hiring an event planner for your most precious moments in life, is an investment in you.  Whatever it is you choose, be BOLD and go figure out what type of eggs you like.



Cheering you on,


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