In Person Events…Are You Ready?

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Are You Ready?

Are They Ready?

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The world is transforming in front of our eyes! People, businesses, our community have turned a whole new leaf with how #socials and  #events are being done to be make successful virtual events.

As much as we are ready and want events to go back to normal, and things slowly are, know that it will take time for our world to reset. Even as stay at home orders lift, we are all trying to find our rhythm again.

So you can cancel your event, but the real question is …

‘Will your business/non-profit make the turn?’

You can put your head in the sand and wait for this all to blow over or you can RISE to the occasion. It’s time to PIVOT to Virtual Events.

Here is a Look at what in person events look like right now:

Temperature Checks Masks 50 people allowed in the same space , or your local state county rules Servers and Caterers wearing masks and gloves Constant Disinfection of all services that would be touched Social distancing inside and outside event venues Signage explaining health practices CDC Social Distancing Measures for Events

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I highly recommend Melissa Estepp and Premiere Events by Melissa.  When Melissa takes on your event she takes it on with her whole being.  She is truly dedicated to working with you and beside you to create the day you are envisioning.  Melissa is a consummate professional and will take the extra care and additional steps that others might skip.  There are no cutting corners.  What’s more she is a lovely human.  Easy to work with and her heart is in it.  

Melissa just worked with us at The Action Center to create our first virtual fundraiser.  She took the time to research and learn the best practice in this new world of event planning and created an event that we were incredibly pleased with.  She handled the tech, the set design, the production and the coaching of the “Cast”.   I can’t say enough about Melissa’s work ethic, skill, and lovely demeanor that turns what could be a stressful day into real joy.    Thank you Melissa!

Pam Brier

Executive Director

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In person events with all the above guidelines are workable and can be SUCCESSFUL!!!

Now I should mention in all the resent studies and surveys I have sent out to all my clients, vendors, and the public, the response across the board is split 50/50 as whether or not you should return to in person events

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1. Find out what your clients are ready for.

Best way to do that is too send out a survey and get a feel for where people are at. Are they ready to dive into in person events? Or are they feeling safer at home?

WHY DOES IT MATTER? Well a couple of reasons.

You are showing your clients and donors that you CARE. That you want to meet them where they are at.

ALSO you are considering your business audience and knowing that you will only retain the percent of the people that are ready to go back to in person events.

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2. Be ready for a Hybrid Event Model

In order to reach your whole audience and not loose the people that would prefer not to step out and venture into the event space quite yet, consider this:


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Business Leaders know the pulse of their audiences and are ready to pivot and reach each persons individual wants. Sometimes that requires thinking outside the box

So create an in person event and then create a VIRTUAL OPTION.

You can have different options to meet everyone in your audience which gives you the opportunity to connect with everyone. AND you are creating raving fans because you are meeting everyone where they are at.



You need some help navigating the turn? Wanting to know how a Hybrid Event can work for you? I got you!!

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